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7 Timeless Birthday Gift Ideas That Never Go Out Of Trend


Birthdays are filled with amazing presents, food and people we love. No matter how hard the month, even the year gets, we want to have a perfect birthday with all our favourites starting from delicacies to dresses brought under one roof. Birthday celebrations have gained momentum over the years. We can go around seeing teens planning for a ‘sweet 16 party ‘ or newfound adults excited to celebrate ‘their 21st ‘ birthday. No matter how old one gets, having a flawless birthday is kind of important even if it is meant to be a low key celebration with intimate family members.


If you share similar sentiments about birthdays then you can easily be related to each word. Birthday presents are one important element of euphoric birthday parties. Imagine your favourite person showing up with your anticipated gift to surprise you. Isn’t it amazing? If you have a birthday party to attend in a couple of weeks then the dilemma of choosing a perfect gift is real. Well, any thoughtful guests try to keep the personality, profession, age and preferences while choosing a gift but investing hours to find the perfect gift isn’t possible given the busy schedules. Worry not as here are a few timeless birthday gifts that can be easily given to anyone irrespective of age, gender or profession. This will surely help you sigh in relief.


Cakes, flowers and more

Luscious cakes are the soul of birthday parties. Though the host is generally in charge of bringing cake for the guests, having multiple cakes won’t hurt. Order a delicious designer cake from an online cake shop and surprise the receiver with a sweet treat. Flowers make everyone happy with their beauty and fragrance. Gift garden-fresh flowers in form of giant bouquets. You can even choose to give a flower pot. It will be longer-lasting than any bouquets plus the receiver would have a great time caring for and growing green plants in his/her room.


Personalised presents

Personalised presents are always better than ordinary items. The gift market is brimming with astonishing articles ready to serve as memorable gift able after personal touch. Journals, jewellery, clothing, pen, photo frames and even takes like cupcakes can be personalised for a special person to brighten their birthdays. The best part about personalised gifts has to be their emotional appeal. It caters to the individual preference of the receiver and makes them feel important.


DIY bath salts

A hot relaxing bubble after a long tiring day can minimise stress and anxiety. DIY bath salts are an excellent way to enhance the bathing experience.


Spa in a jar

Skincare is important especially when the growing pollution threatens every day. Gift an exclusive hamper of hard contain natural extracts and oils that will bring the spa home. ‘Spa in a jar ‘ is nothing but DIY sink care routines that will give instant results. Play safe by choosing natural ingredients that are not chemical-based. Mild creams, face packs and masks will help the recover have a relaxing time without interfering with natural skin pigmentation.



Accessories have to be the simplest way to win over anyone. You can gift a statement bag or working earrings or trending anklets. There are over thousands of categories and designs when it comes to accessories.


Wall arts

Unique wall arts make wonderful gifts. Handmade giant dreamcatcher, wooden frames, polaroid photo art, etc works well as birthday gifts. Just like online cake delivery, many online gift shops extend easy home delivery, ruling out the inconvenience for you to carry the whole thing from the store to the party venue.


Homemade treats

It is always recommended to give homemade treats as it has the taste of love. Bake cookies or tarts or anything that you want to give to the person. Make sure you put some effort into the packaging to make the dish look exotic.





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