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All about cardiac health




Each one of us wants to live a disease-free life, but we seldom listen or act as per our body’s requirement. The result, one fine day we suffer from something so serious that we rush to the doctor for help, and that is when he diagnoses us as a hypertensive or as a patient who has contracted a cardiac disease. Remember “Knowledge is power” . the more you know about your condition and its management, the better it would be for you to control its-progression and of course day -to- day management.


How to manage stress


Stress is nothing but the body’s reaction to can be reaction to a physical stimuli or emotional stimuli. It is not necessarily a negative phenomenon. Positive stress keeps us on our toes and enhances our performance. However, stress can also be negative and this type hampers our ability to work efficiently and relax. Each individual has to learn to manage stress and use it as a positive force.


1.Find solutions to your problems


One of the best methods of managing stress is to find out the situations in life that make you TENSE. While it is not possible for us to control every situation occurring in our life, there are many where by, being creative we can particularly make some of them disappear.


2.Take Regular Breaks


Do not try to do everything at one time. However hard one tries, you cannot be “Everything to Everybody” prioritize your work and decide for yourself what needs to be attended immediately.


3.Do not hesitate to ask for help


Let some steam off. this is particularly true when the strength of your emotion is so strong that it is difficult for you to manage it alone.

Learn to relax

Positive stress coupled with relaxation is a good method to enhance performance. So let us assimilate some simple relaxation techniques.







What is cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in animal fats, oils, milk, yolk of egg, liver and kidneys. Cholesterol is also manufactured by your liver. Cholesterol in the right quantity is not harmful for your fact it has many vital functions in your body like formation of certain hormones and necessary tissues.

When does cholesterol become your enemy?

While we need some fat in the body, the problem arises from too much of the wrong kind of fat .

The cholesterol in our body is in many forms. ’HDL’ cholesterol is the “friendly” cholesterol which prevents hardening of arteries and thus protects your removes excess of cholesterol from the blood before it can deposit on artery walls. ’LDL’ cholesterol is the “bad” cholesterol, as it narrows blood vessels and damages your heart.


Risk factors








What more can you do?



The secret of a healthy heart ultimately boils down to controlling the whims and fancies of one’s taste buds. In patients with increased cholesterol levels, diet modification should aim at reducing intake of SATURATED FATS and CHOLESTEROL and to eliminate excess calories.

SATURATEDFATS obtained from food raise cholesterol levels and are harmful, whereas POLYUNSATURATED FATS are beneficial since they lower the body cholesterol. MONOUNSATURATED FATS do not alter the cholesterol levels in the body. foods obtained from animal origin such as fatty meat, organ meat, egg yolk, etc., are rich in saturated fats. you should therefore keep away from such food items.



Blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood on the walls of the blood vessels while flowing through each one of us therefore blood flows with some pressure; the normal blood pressure. The normal blood pressure of an individual is 120mm of mercury (when the heart is contracted) and 80 mm of mercury (when heart is relaxed) & is expressed as 120/80 mm of hg (mercury). When the blood pressure is consistently (upon repeated examination) over 140/90 mm of Hg the person is said to be hypertensive.

Elevated blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Although high blood pressure is one of the greatest risk factors for heart disease, it is also the most easily controlled. The best way to control high blood pressure is to measure it regularly to keep a track, by following your doctor’s advice and by taking the help of your family members and friends.



What is the treatment?


Personal health care regular physical activity, healthy food habits, weight control/reduction, sufficient rest, etc.


Take your medicines regularly


This is very important as it is very essential to maintain constant drug levels in the blood to get maximum protection against any impending heart not discontinue your medicines under any circumstance unless your doctor has asked you to do so.




Try and create a clear demarcation in your office life and your personal life. Devote time for yourself and you can make your heart much more healthy than what it is .
















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