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Complete Guide to Instagram Shopping


To help small businesses and establishments sell their products on Instagram, the social media site is introducing a new tool. Instagram business accounts will now be able to tag products with the hashtag #buyable, which will make it easier for their followers to make the purchase.

Even while it is limited to physical goods, for the time being, this is an encouraging development that will no doubt be expanded to include pages offering intangible goods and services in the future.

Where can I buy things on Instagram, exactly?

Instead of bringing customers further away from the things they want to buy, Instagram Shopping was born. Using this tool, businesses may tag their items in stories and posts, and customers can find out more about them and even buy them without having to leave the article or page.

When you utilize this function, the application’s elements will adjust to fit the screen better, allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of the things you’re looking at. This speed up the process of buying a product you saw in an Instagram post.

The information in this article will help you make the most of this function, so you can go on website to buy excellent followers and increase your posts to reach a larger audience of users and potential buyers.

Instagram potential as a marketing tool is being further enhanced by its growing user base of over 1 billion people each month.

Instagram product tagging instructions

To set up your Instagram store and tag the things you sell, you’ll need to become familiar with the tool, just like you would with any new feature. Additionally, Instagram has created criteria for approving a request for Instagram Shopping on top of a few prerequisites.

Initial step: confirm your shop account qualifies for this new function before using it

The “tag a product” tool on Instagram is only available to certain accounts based on three criteria. They are as follows:


Instagram Shopping isn’t available in every country just yet. Look at the countries that qualify. To take advantage of this feature, you must be a member of one of these groups.

Your Instagram account’s current state

This feature will not be available to individual user accounts. If you wish to use tags on the products in your shop you will have to switch from a personal account to one for business.

Facebook page that is still active

You must link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. Additionally, this is a necessity to meet the prior one.

Create a Facebook product catalog for your business.

You must add a product to your Facebook catalog before you can tag it on Instagram.

Use straightforward, easy-to-understand, beautiful, and representative terms when creating your product’s name and description.

For example, “Within”, by itself does not convey what the brand is. But, “Within Watch” conveys much more effectively what the product you are offering consists of. In this way, your potential customers can quickly identify what the product consists of and if it interests them.

Something that will also help the reach of your store is to apply some of these tips to your business’s Facebook page.

Send your request to Instagram

If you meet the above criteria, it’s time to submit your Instagram request. For this you must:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and then to settings.
  2. Press “Companies” or “Creator”, depending on your type of account.
  3. Click on “Get Started” and fill out the Instagram form.

The Instagram team may take a couple of days before reviewing and accepting your request.

Activate Instagram Shopping in the app

After receiving approval from Instagram, you can start using the Instagram Shopping feature to tag your products. To do this, upload a photo of your product, just as you normally would.

It can be a piece being used or a simple photo of the product, but organic photos usually perform better in terms of interaction.

To tag in Instagram Posts

Instagram will allow you to tag up to 5 products in the same publication. The process is similar to tagging other users. Enter the name of your product, just as you added it to the catalog on your Facebook page.

For an Instagram story

Unlike posts, stories only allow you to tag one product. When creating your story, add the product sticker by clicking on the sticker’s icon in the upper right corner. Choose one of the products from your catalog, which is visible in your story.

In the story, you can adjust the sticker as you prefer to adapt it to the style of your brand and the actions you want your followers and potential clients to take. Don’t underestimate the power of stories, at least half of all active users use stories daily.

Become an Instagram Stories expert and take advantage of its full potential.


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