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Cupping therapy


Cupping therapy has been used from thousands of years as a traditional medicine. This is the best and the most effective technique for the body. if you have any aches or pains or injuries tis could be the solution cupping is really magical, the science behind it is basically creating a vacuum for the surface level of the body. Cupping is a kind of alternative medicine that involves special cup and suction. technically it is a type of acupressure the first cousin of acupuncture. The difference is that the acupressure only uses pressure on specific points of the body instead of needles.

How is cupping done?

It really moves blood from one area to another supporting that area in healing suction cups have been used in cupping. these days plastic cups are used but traditionally glass was used and what was done was that they used some sort of flame and put it in the glass for a second, pull it off and then put it down the skin and it created a sucking action to where the skin was brought up in the area and blood flow started in that area then there will be swelling and sometimes there is bruising. it is nothing but it is moving blood from one area to another and the blood is full of plasma that actually helps the body to heal so cupping therapy is essential in improving circulation to an area and support it in healing. Today even plastic like material is used it also focuses on the surface of the skin bring all the blood flow to the surface. It was very common practice in Chinese and middle east countries.


Benefits of cupping

Let’s talk about the benefits of cupping

1)it helps reduce pain .it let us move, the area of pain in cupping you have got a tight intense muscle it creates sucking action on that muscle. It is like deep tissue massage and it is done for about 30 minutes and finally when it is released that muscle completely relaxes so it helps in reducing pain and muscle spasm muscle and tendon.

2) it helps in relaxation. it is now commonly used with for athletes as well as in Chinese medicine

3)it increases skin health. we get lack of circulation on our skin. cupping is like bringing new blood into an area and allow it to regenerate and heal through this therapy.

4) cupping is used to support respiratory issues, cough and cold. the practitioner of cupping goes to the upper back and middle back area and they do cup in that area. It helps to improve circulation of the lungs. if you may have mucus sitting in the lungs cupping helps break that upward and helps in circulation in your lungs and helps in the recovery of cold and flu quickly and also break the mucus and phlegm in the lungs.

5)It also helps in digestive troubles. Nowadays many people suffer from stagnation. stagnation means if it is not moving properly, we should be having a strong blood flow and digestive ease. Our liver should do the work of cleansing and detoxing properly. If our body is stagnant, we will not be able to heal completely so again cupping therapy is used. Healing of intestine, liver etc is another benefit of cupping.

Complete details about cupping

  • We can do dry cupping or fire cupping. There is also called dry cupping and moving cupping. move cupping is more like a massage and massage is very good for muscular circulation. In moving cupping, the cup is actually moving and allowing larger area to receive the benefits.

Thus cupping is good for muscle spasm.

2)Wet cupping and bleeding cupping. It was used in Chinese medicine. If there is swelling in an area        it would allow even more. Cupping helps to get rid of swelling out of an area.

Cupping verses acupuncture

1)Both are the parts of Chinese medicine. Both draw energy and blood flow from different areas of the body. Both dismiss stagnation and improve circulation in the body to fight disease.

2)Both promote relaxation and boost energy.

3)Acupuncture uses needles to improve circulation in the body while in cupping it is done with cups. Acupuncture is dry and it penetrates in the skin whereas cupping does not.

Precautions to be taken while cupping

1)Avoid cupping if you have skin infections in that area. You should not use cupping at all on an infected area.

2)It will also not recommend for pregnant women.

3)Cupping is a safe practice but you have to be trained in it. Better to take the help of a well-trained and licenced practitioner.


It is relatively unknown to most of the people in west. This therapy must be promoted as it is very low in risk. Cupping therapy have a lots of health benefits which is much more than modern techniques and medicines. If you have a chronic pain in an area especially muscular area, cupping is used. The best part of trying alternative practices like cupping therapy or massage or acupuncture is that there is very less chances of risk for unwanted side effects like surgery or drugs. I don’t feel any downside in trying practices like cupping because it also boosts immune function.

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