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  Intermittent fasting



how to become a fat burning machine what if I told You that there is a scientifically proven way to improve your metabolism, tone lean muscle very fast and burn your fat very rapidly compared to other human beings.  We know that nowadays mobiles have changed their version, software’s have changed their version, we saw them changing. Now its high time to change ourselves. We can create a better version of ourselves. How can we maintain our health and can also stay fit? This is one of the best techniques which we can apply for long term and fast results. I am going to go deep into the science of intermittent fasting. Every human being should be aware of the science behind this concept.

Age impact on hormonal system

We usually heard from our elders’ things like I cannot eat the same way I used to do in college because now all the food just lands up in my hips and stomach. As you get older your metabolism goes downwards, so that prevents you from reaching your fitness goals easily, when you are younger it is much easier to be fit. But where does this ease come from. The ease of being fit comes from your own body, your own hormonal system and that’s the key point when we are talking about intermittent fasting. IF affects your hormonal system. IF is a diet that puts a lot of importance on your meal timings, the key in IF is that you have to create a fasting period when there is nothing going inside your body accept of water. So, you create 16 hours fasting period and then in the other eight hours of the day you can eat. What do you eat ideally you have to eat healthy I get to that later because first you have to understand the science the first and most important hormone we are going about is HGH hormone ( human growth hormone ) now (human growth hormone ) is very high in young adults or people in their late teens so guys grow till their about 21 and girls grow till their about 18 till that age your HGH levels are very high and that’s why in college you see a lot of people eating a lot of junk and getting away with it and as you grow alder your HGH levels keep dropping .

HGH improves metabolism

you (job in IF is to increase the level of HGH inside your body and how do you increase the level of HGH you take up the fasting state. Now here what happens in normal circumstances for an adult. HGH is secreted in your blood streams at night while you are sleeping. So, when you fast for 8 to 16 hours its kind of shock for your body.  your body thinks ok ‘where is food ‘so I might as well increase my HGH levels in order to cope up with this lack of food. now the question is what does HGH actually do, so in those young adults it helps a lot in muscle recovery it obviously helps in growth of you muscles and your bones it makes you taller but in adults to hit their height potential, people over the age of 21 basically it helps in your muscle recovery primarily it helps in repair from your daily activities and most importantly it helps in fat mobilization now what is fat mobilization. fat mobilization is basically your body’s way of burning fat to be used as fuel for your daily activities if you have a higher level of growth hormone in your body. it’s much easier to put on muscle mass and to burn off fat. HGH acts as a protein sparrow. This means that HGH signals to your body that if there is lack of food, preserve as much muscle as you can and burn off as much fat as you can. The more HGH there is in your body the better your body can burn off fat and save muscles it’s a Protein sparrow. The most important think is it doesn’t harm your health.

Importance of insulin

The other hormone that involves in IF is insulin. Now IF doesn’t change the level of insulin secreted in your body but it changes something called the insulin sensitivity. Now insulin along with growth hormones is an anabolic hormone which helps in increasing your muscle mass and it also help in burning fat. it basically causes    these changes in your overall fitness levels. basically, your body works more efficiently if you are more insulin sensitive and obviously IF makes you more insulin sensitive. younger people are more insulin sensitive, the older you grow the lesser your insulin sensitivity gets, but you can improve your insulin sensitivity and make your body a fat burning machine, if you take up the IF diet. Both HGH and insulin together helps with your nutrient repartitioning. What does this mean? It makes the body more efficient; it makes your body use the food you are eating more to put on muscle mass than to be deposited as fat. It makes your body a little bit superhuman.

Adrenaline and noradrenaline

There is third group of hormones involved in the IF diet we are talking about adrenaline and noradrenaline a fight and flight hormone. It improves your body composition reflexes and how you feel.


Benefits of IF

In a long term IF has showed a lot of health benefits including even its used in fighting cancer.

Disadvantages of IF

Firstly, it is little bit difficult to get use to it. on your first and second day of IF you will feel extremely low in energy but on your 3rd and 4 rd day you will feel extremely normal another disadvantage is that it will affect your social life a little bit unless you kind of develop a system for yourself. some people change the duration of their fast you have to figure out your system if you want to protect your social life but IF in a long term. you can not burn fat without being in a caloric deficit if you are going overboard with your calories, you are not going to burn fat. the diet is between protein carbs and fat. try to fit protein in your 8 hours window. secondly fat. don’t keep your fat too high but don’t complete cut it off as well include good fats like egg yolk and nuts and thirdly we are talking about carbo-hydrates, go for healthier carb option instead of simple carbohydrates like white rice, bread corn flour goes for complex carbs wheat, brown rice, sweet potato.





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