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Top 5 Most Common Diseases In The World And Their Herbal Solutions

Did you know there are around 2 billion people with hepatitis B in the world? And what about other diseases? Well, there around 500 million people are affected by malaria every year, and 1 to 3 million of them lose lives. So, we are going to explore the most common diseases in the world and herbal solutions for their symptoms.


Top 5 Most Common Diseases And Their Symptoms

The top 5 common diseases in the world are malaria, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Dengue, and Tuberculosis. We will talk about the symptoms of these problems.


·       Malaria Symptoms

Malaria is one of the most common diseases in the world that kills millions worldwide. Some symptoms of this common disease are fever and flu-like illness. People with this problem would also have shaking, chills, and headaches. Muscle aches and tiredness are common as well, while diarrhoea and nausea are also seen. Among the most common symptoms of malaria are vomiting and nausea.


·       Hepatitis B Symptoms

This disease is one of the most common as well. The meaning of this word is inflammation of liver that causes it to damage. The cause of this disease is a certain type of virus that affects the liver. The most common one that causes this problem is the hepatitis A virus. Some of the most common symptoms of this problem are fever and fatigue. Some people would also have a loss of appetite, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Dark urine is also common.


·       Hepatitis C Symptoms And Reasons

The symptoms of this problem are similar to hepatitis B that you must understand before they get too worse. So, we will try to learn the reasons for this problem. We will try to know how to avoid this problem and what precautionary measures are important. Some top reasons for this problem are having unprotected sex, the use of infected needles, and the birth of an infected mother. One more reason for this problem is using items like blades, nail clippers, and toothbrushes.


·       Dengue Symptoms

Dengue has become a very common problem in the third world in recent years. Some most common symptoms of this problem are eye pain, fever, and headache. Some people also have nausea, vomiting, and bone pain. Rashes, muscle pain, and joint pain are also common. These symptoms should be taken care of with proper methods. The most important things you should know to avoid these problems are preventive measures. You need to keep yourself aware of what you can do to avoid these health problems.


·       Herbal Treatments

Although herbal products can help you with the symptoms of these health problems, you can use the following for inflammation, fever, and pains of the body.


Qurs Bukhar Ajmali

This medicine would help solve several symptoms like fever, chills, nausea, and fatigue. It is an overall medicine for fever and other symptoms of malaria. Moreover, you can try it for diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and rapid heart rate. You can also use it for cough, headache, and general discomfort.


Khameera Banafsha

This one is among effective herbal remedies for fever and throat inflammation. It can help quench excessive thirst. Moreover, you can use it for fever and cough. Some people would also have relief from other problems.


Arq Mako

This medicine can help you with inflammatory conditions. You can use it for exanthematous and other types of rashes. You can use herbal medicines to have tetanus treatment at home for effective results. It can help relieve intestine, liver, stomach, and uterus inflammation. You can use it for different problems of body organs that need to be resolved. Sometimes, it may be prescribed for blisters, sores, and mouth ulcers.


Akseer Salajeet

This one is among the top medicines for joint problems and can help with that. You can use it for bones aches and joint pains as well. It is a type of anti-inflammatory product that also has anti-oxidative properties. You can use it for instant relief from joint pains and support the joints to stay pain-free.


Qurs Mafasil Khas

You can use this one for different types of bone aches and joint pains. It can also help remove tingling sensation in certain parts of the body. It is effective for feet, legs, and hands in particular. Its use can help with discomfort of joint pains.


Majun Chobchini

The use of this medicine can help with several health problems. It can help with problems like joint pains and can help with inflammatory problems. You must know that all the diseases mentioned above are known for inflammation, fever, and joint pain. This is how these medicines are effective in health problems. It also has anti-arthritic properties and can help against stiffness problems.


Itrifal Zamani

This one is effective for chronic cold, headache, and catarrh. You can use it for better results in malaria, dengue, and other painful diseases.


Habe Ayarij

This medicine can be effective for several health problems. Its use can help with headaches, mental health problems, and other problems.


Roghan Kadu Shirin

Roghan kadu shirin is known for having properties of soothing and helping with head and brain discomfort. It has been found effective for problems like stress that it can treat well.



Millions of people die of diseases that have symptoms of fever, headache, and others. A number of herbal products can help with symptoms of malaria, dengue, and others. You can use habe ayarij, roghan kadu shirin, and majun chobchini for effective relief from these symptoms. The use of these medicines would help against fever, headache, and other problems. Some other medicines can help with inflammation, joint pains, and other problems. You can use herbal medicines to solve health problems of all types. These medicines can be helpful for general edema, sexual health problems, and all other problems. You can use a number of medicines for fever, inflammation, rashes, and many other symptoms of the most common diseases in the world.


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