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Toys With A Natural Theme For Spring

Spring is on its way! For some parents, this implies that their children will spend all of their time outside. Other children may want motivation, and what better way to do it than with some new toys? Let’s have a look at a few interactive, educational nature toys shared by the baby online nz store that will help your youngster move away from their devices and into nature!

Bug Box

This is a wonderful choice for smaller children or those who are less eager to get their hands dirty while exploring. Without having to go outside, a Bug Box will let your child learn more about the textures, shapes, and colours that may be found there. Parents and older siblings can help your kid identify stuff they wish to learn more about, or they can collect items for them to look at from the safety of inside. Your youngster will also have a better understanding of cause-and-effect relationships by learning what animals eat, what leaves grow on various trees, and where certain natural tools may be found. As they glance at the features they hadn’t seen before, this will help them improve their visual tracking and object recognition skills. Children will develop fine motor skills and be able to tolerate a variety of stimuli in order to manipulate these things.

Bird House

Children may be approaching the age where they are interested in caring for and caring for other animals. Take it a step further and teach kids about birds and their nests as they’re learning about feeding the cat or walking the dog. Your child will use their imagination to decorate this birdhouse while you converse about the activity at hand. Your youngster may learn about different bird species, what they eat, and how they act during different times of the day and night. Because the bird home must be placed far enough off the ground to be safe from bears, cats, and dogs, children can also learn about safety. Squirrels frequently interact with birds, and kids might like hearing about it!


Your child will like their first pair of binoculars, which will combine perfectly with their new bird habitat! This will allow them to work on visual tracking, scanning, object discrimination, and attention to detail while relaxing and regulating their emotions. Birds, different types of landscapes, squirrels, animals, and everything else found in nature can be seen by children. Your toddler can also like using their binoculars indoors to examine household objects up close. This can help children discover different points of view and even use critical thinking to figure out what items are without having to peek outside their binoculars.

Butterfly Catcher Kit

Watching butterflies grow is a popular school project that your children may get a head start on. While preparing the butterflies for their transformational voyage, they can learn about cause-and-effect relationships, following directions, sequencing and organising steps, and more. As they watch, wait, and possibly document what they see, they can learn about the passage of time and the value of patience. You may teach your child about time management by having them cross days off a calendar as they finish each task.


There are a plethora of screen-free activities that will keep your child active, interested, and learning about nature in the most engaging way imaginable. Look at some of these baby toys to help your child develop their creativity and quest for knowledge while also improving their skills in a variety of areas!

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